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Yuuwaku Countdown: Akira Episode 1


yuuwaku countdown akira 1

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Release Date

March 27, 1997

Upload Date

February 23, 2018

Alternate Titles

Countdown: Akira Countdown: Akira Complex Yuuwaku Countdown: Akira 誘惑 COUNT DOWN 鏡 AKIRA

Akira is beautiful. So much so that he can have any girl... or guy that he lays eyes on making him very self-centered. Unfortunately, the only woman he has ever wanted is the one woman he could never have, his own sister. When he first met Kaname, naive to the ways of the world, his own world slowly began to change. The realization of the reality that his sister can never be his and that he can never find true comfort in her arms devastates him. There, from the depths of his despair, he finds salvation in Kaname's loving embrace.