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Kuroinu cover


Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru 黒獣[クロイヌ] ~気高き聖女は白濁に染まる~

The black dog mercenary troupe attacked the fort and Alicia was caught by them.
I had spent the days in which insulting was repeated from Bearsley and Mercenary from the past.
Distorted desires from Bearsley.
It is betrayed by the person who trusted, and the body which has protected the purity becomes dirty white.
Sometimes they are crucified and committed like a show.
Pleasure as a female is engraved on her body, who has lived in swords and loyalty.
Even the celestial deity who once revered as a goddess was witnessed,
His heart is broken.
And finally, even the beloved prims ...
Service State ... Again!

An epic battle was taking place for more than several hundred years between two countries, one of Humans and the other of Dark Elves.

The Humans sent a special troop into the fray, but the soldiers defected, forging an alliance with the primitive Orcs, and invade their own territories as well as the territories of the Dark Elves. Before long, they declare independence and the foundation of a nation.

In this nation, woman is subordinate to man, and is required to serve ALL of man’s needs. And unfortunately, when the story begins, the renegades have already captured the beautiful Queen of the Dark Elves, Discordia Origa, as well as her brave and loyal handmaiden Chloe…

Erotic "Majin" gives noble women to bow!
This time 'Magician' label partner is ... Long-established store of extreme erotic game brand 'Liquid'
The game software "Black Beast ~ Noble Saints dyed in white turbidity-" which recorded explosive hits is completely original animated 6th! !!
The high elves' Celestin Luculs' revered as the goddess' reincarnation,
A noble and beautiful princess knight "Alicia Arcturus",
A shy and neat girl princess "Prim Fiorile",
Heroine voice actor, all CV's sounding as original, panting, crying !!


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