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Inyutsu no Yakata cover

Inyutsu no Yakata

Injutsu no Yakata The Animation - Inyutsu no Yakata The Animation - Residence of Obscene Art - 淫術の館 THE ANIMATION

Original Work: “Art House of Indecent” (Elect Touch)

I welcome you

Show off the smell of a male standing in a dimly lit room.
Is she violated or is she “violating”?
She who was beaten and played gangbang, she screamed with joy at her mouth and smiled.

--Welcome to the museum of obscene art ...

Be choked on the male smell that the welcome suruwa -- dark room is filled with. As she is raped, be one of `' violating?…. Was teased, and she who played cackling and chuckling while were done Gang Bang was full of joy on lips, and smiled. To - - Youko So, a hall of the art of In…◆


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