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Toriko no Shizuku: Natsu no Gouka Episode 2


toriko no shizuku natsu no gouka 2



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Release Date

September 21, 2019

Upload Date

September 25, 2019

Alternate Titles

Toriko no Shizuku: Natsu no Gouka Kyakusen de Kegasareru Otome-tachi 虜ノ雫 ~夏の豪華客船で穢される処女たち~ Toriko no Shizuku - Captive Trickle ~Defiled Virgins in a Summer Luxury Cruise Ship~ 포로의 물방울

Inside the ship is Tozawa and two others, along with Nadia who is tied up. Stimulated constantly in the most deprived ways, she finally breaks. Looking for their next prey, they go to where Sometani is. Sometani is with the VIP group and is watching as Miho and Nonoka are fucking each other. The excitement of the crowds causes them to get excited as well. The guys surround Sometani and rape her. The nightmare for them has just begun...