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Shuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru.


shuudengo capsule hotel de joushi ni binetsu tsutawaru yoru



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Release Date

October 08, 2018

Upload Date

December 27, 2018

Alternate Titles

Shuudengo Capsule Hotel de Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru. 終電後 カプセルホテルで 上司に微熱伝わる夜. 막차가 끊긴 뒤 캡슐 호텔에서 상사에게 미열을 전하는 밤

This is a marathon of the entire season of Capsule Hotel with included Special episode

Episode 1:

As usual, the newcomer, Minori, is arguing with her boss, Hadano. Getting so drunk that she misses the last train, Hadano who stayed to look after her suggested that they stay in a capsule hotel. When they get there, she actually can’t use her room so Hadano invites her to his room. She didn’t think of him like that until now, where his face is so close to hers. And with that, their long night begins.

Episode 2:

Their night at the capsule hotel ending, Minori goes to work at the design agency she works at. She gets called over by Hadano and she tries on a dress that he designed. But the fastener got stuck and she calls him over. When he does, the dress is unsupported bearing her huge titties for him to see, and he ends up taking her. Their relationship is no longer just co-workers anymore…

Episode 3:

Minori and Hadano are in charge of creating an outfit for newcomer model, Sugawara Kei. Minori is set on creating an outfit for Kei, who is usually really show around people, that will let him shine on stage. The two get caught in the rain one day, so they take shelter in the company car. Not having a change of clothes, Minori has no choice but to where Hadano’s white shirt while she is still wet. Unable to resist himself seeing her like that, Hadano pushes her down and…

Episode 4:

Worrying that Hadano might catch a cold, Minori invites him over to her place. She hands him a towel and goes soaks in the bathtub to hide her embarrassment. Just as she was about to relax, Hadano comes in saying “We really should get in together.” Two people in one tight bathtub. Their bodies
Touch, and the heat is enough to keep the bath warm…

Episode 5:

Minori ends up making a miss in an order and Hadano ends up covering her ass. Seeing that she is feeing worried, Hadano goes to talk to her and listen to what she has to say. Seeing her look so adorable as she confesses to him, Hadano takes her lips and then hides with her from everyone else under the desk so that they can play hanky.

Episode 6:

Minori returns to the office only to have Hadano pass out in front of her from a fever. Seeing him like that, she takes him back to the apartment and takes care of him. Getting tired, she rests next to him. Waking up with Hadano next to her, she feels bad for causing trouble to Hadano at work and stops resisting him. Kissing her, Hadano says “you look like you want me to ravage you right now.” And so he does, as the heat from the fever and their passion add on to each other…

Episode 7:

Minori is sad that she didn’t get to go to the fireworks festival because of work. After work, Hadano brings her over to his hideout and has her try out the kimono that he made himself. He himself also changes into a yukata and they can’t help but look at each other in their unusual appearances. Minori says to Hadano that he’s so cool when he’s not talking, and Hadano says ditto. Feeling weird, the two slowly start to touch each other again…

Episode 8:

Minori looks like she’s having so much fun designing the outfit for the show that is drawing near. On the other hand, Hadano looks perplexed. And then suddenly he pushes her to a well saying that this is a reward. This is all happening at work where other workers are still passing by. Conflicted this entire time by Hadano’s forceful approaches, Minori who was supposed to be smitten with Hadano already is starting to have doubts after she is told that her design for the outfit was rejected.

Episode 9:

Arguing with Hadano about the design of the outfit as it was rejected, Minori runs away from the design studio. As she is depressing over it, Kei comes over to talk to her. Listening to Kei, who isn’t good with words, try his best to say what he is feeling, she regains her composure. Returning to the studio, she apologizes to Hadano. However, as she’s explaining what happened and how Kei taught her what’s really important, Hadano looks perplexed again. Before she can finish, he says that he has to punish her for today and kisses her. And as if he was trying to kill a feeling, he intensely takes her…

Episode 10:

The office air condition broken, Hadano makes everyone else leave, and tries to fix it by himself. Minori comes along and offers him help, but he loses his balance on the ladder he was using and ends up falling unto her. So close to each other, Hadano shows Minori his weak side to which she is very happy to see. Unable to hold back their feelings, their sweat amongst other bodily fluids mix with each other at the office…

Episode 11:

The two look over the completed design at the day of the show. He compliments her, but then she asks for more. The two of them alone, Hadano asks her if she wanted a reward then. She gets embarrassed at these words and Hadano can’t help himself when he sees her like that. He pushes her to the wall and says that he’ll give her a reward for all the work she’s done up until now. The show is finally about to start and Minori expresses her gratitude to Kei who goes up on stage, cheered on by all the people attending. But before that, he confesses his feelings to Minori and says he wants to be with her from now on as well.

Episode 12:

Minori looks on as Kei is in the spotlight with a perplexed look on her face. The show ends without a hitch, and Minori ends up getting so drunk that she misses the last train again. As such, Hadano suggests going to the capsule hotel again. On the way there, he asks if Minori remembers that he said that he has something to say to her after the show is over. He finally is going to confess to her, but what will her answer be?

Special 1:

A message from the voice actor of Hadano to those who bought Episode 12 of the series. In it, he reads some lines that weren’t in the anime.