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Shin Ban Megami Tantei Vinus File Episode 1


shin ban megami tantei vinus file 1

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Release Date

February 26, 2004

Upload Date

September 14, 2019

Alternate Titles

Magami Tantei - Venus File Shin Ban Megami Tantei Vinus File The Venus Files Venus-File 真版女神探偵 VINUS FILE 비너스 파일

Got a case you can't crack, a mystery you can't solve? Then call on the Goddess Detective Agency where the busty Karen and her wild partner, Rio, will see to your every need!
When this beautiful detective duo takes on a new case involving drugs and rape, it brings back painful memories for Rio whose sister was killed by a gang of sex-starved drug dealers. Could the same gang be responsible for this new threat? Hot-headed as she is, Rio must learn to control her anger in order to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Karen's constant exposure to the lurid details of the case are causing her to lose control of her own insatiable lust.
Will this pair of sexy sleuths be able to conquer themselves in time to solve the case? Or will the hunters become the prey?