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Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa… Episode 1




White Bear

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Release Date

July 09, 2022

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July 09, 2022

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Kanade Amakawa was cheerful, serious, excellent in grades, neat and cute, and liked Nishida Hajime of the Imaging Research Department.
The season is summer —
the two of us had a faint hope of becoming a lover by shortening the distance during this summer vacation.
Well, I love women, I reach out to her favorite woman from one end of her, and throw it away when she gets tired … until that notorious man notices her.
Nishida, who should have promised the movie on the day, was not at the meeting place.
Instead, the figure of that man!
I had no choice but to watch the movie together.
Suddenly the man confessed when she was thrilled by the excitement of watching the movie.
Hanao, who has a passion for Nishida, grabs her shoulder and kisses her forcibly when she rushes to her reply.
Is this the beginning of a nightmare, or …
Nishida is surprised to see the flowers playing after the summer vacation. What the hell is this !?