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Mozu no Nie Episode 1


mozu no nie 1



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Mozu No Nie

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Release Date

May 29, 2003

Upload Date

August 31, 2019

Alternate Titles

House of 100 Tongues Mozu no Nie Seduzida: A História de Nakano Takashiro The Offering of the Shrike 모즈의지 일회용 노예 百舌鳥の贄 百舌鳥ノ贄

The Takashiro family... a traceable Daimyo that leads back to a historical lineage of nobility, has recently been on a shameful course, ruining the image they have had since the old days.

Nanako is the Takashio family's only daughter. She is in a weak condition, living most of her life sleeping and passing the day hiding her lustful thoughts for Yujiro.

All the while the presence of a dark plot draws near. A rival family has their sights set on taking away the family's assets, especially the sweet young snatch of the beautiful Nanako. But Nanako isn't the only female member of the Takashiro's willing to pay back the family's debt - her mother is also getting in on the action in a jaw dropping display of eroticism that has the Takashiro women surrendering their bodies to a gang of carpet munching marauders.