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Love Selection Episode 2


love selection 2

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Release Date

November 28, 2008

Upload Date

October 06, 2014

Alternate Titles

Love Selection: THE ANIMATION Love Selection: The Animation ラブセレクション 러브 셀렉션

This second episode is about a guy who frequents a restaurant called "Royal Bust" because he's infatuated with one of the waitresses named Saiko-chan. Little did he know that the restaurant had a "Special Sevice Day" for customers who acquire enough points. Eventually he has his opportunity with Saiko-chan, but is cut short after getting a blowjob and doesn't have sex with her. Through distress from seeing her with a fat old man, he ends up having sex with another waitress named Yayoi-chan, who has secretly been in love with him all this time. This episode contains fat men, "royal busts," and netorare.