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Kairaku Satsujin Chousakan Koji Episode 1


kairaku satsujin chousakan koji 1

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Release Date

March 25, 1999

Upload Date

June 18, 2018

Alternate Titles

Demon Warrior Koji Kairaku Satsujin Chousakan Koji Koji le guerrier démon Le guerrier démon Koji Ο Δαίμονας Koji 쾌락 살인 조사관 快楽殺人調査官 KOJI Pleasure Murder Investigator Koji

NOTE: Some preview scenes might be censored but main episode is not.

From the creator of Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, La Blue Girl, and Demon Beast Invasion! A monster is out for blood, and only the man-demon Koji can hunt down the preternatural killer. Aided by a morbid psychic, he follows the grisly trail of victims to a lonely woman. What unspeakable horrors will he find? And are even Koji's powers enough to curb this devastating threat?