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Kagirohi Shaku Kei – Another Episode 2


kagirohi shaku kei another 2

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Release Date

November 23, 2017

Upload Date

December 18, 2017

Alternate Titles

Kagirohi: Shaku Kei - Another かぎろひ~勺景~ Another 아지랑이: Shaku Kei - Another

Takahashi Aoi lost his childhood friend, Kirishima Kaede. To find out the truth of her death, Aoi gets to know the mysterious transfer student, Minazuki Ajisai. Every time he meets with Ajisai, they have sex. Aoi tells himself that he’s doing it for Kaede’s sake. Ajisai removes the stockings that obscured her genitals then beckons to Aoi. Elsewhere, Aoi’s close friend Mizuki is having sex with a guy in a secluded school building.

Mizuki says, “If you don’t fuck me hard, I’m going to tell Ajisai.”

Mizuki usually seems like an innocent girl, but in that classroom, she lets her true, lascivious nature show. Does she have a secret motive…?

She says, “It looks like something terrible is going to happen... Doesn’t really matter to me though!♪”