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Implicity Episode 2


implicity 2


Queen Bee

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Release Date

November 23, 2017

Upload Date

December 07, 2017

Alternate Titles

Implicity Implicity 암시

【episode2 -Julka-】
As a sex worker in The Dollhouse, the finest brothel in the underbelly of society, Yulka diligently records the details of sessions with her clients. Living up to her name as the #1 doll, Yulka prepares a special service for a client who requests her by name. Sometimes she gets too turned on. Embracing clients’ lust and facilitating their rapture… it’s all in a day’s work for the dolls.

【episode3 -Sheena-】
A customer makes a special request, asking for Julka and Sheena by name and paying handsomely for an unusual accommodation. Julia and Sheena don’t usually get along well, but they cooperate with the common goal of pleasing their client as best they can. The customer uses a special liquid on Julka which causes her to pass out. He then turns to Sheena and tells her about her shocking past. He puts Sheena’s life in danger and at that moment…