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Dokidoki Little Ooyasan Episode 4


dokidoki little ooyasan 4

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Release Date

December 28, 2018

Upload Date

December 25, 2018

Alternate Titles

Dokidoki Little Ooyasan dokidokiりとる大家さん Heart-Throbbing Little Landlady 두근두근 리틀 집주인

As usual, the landlord, Miyuri, lets the main character Daisuke fuck her silly every month when she’s making her rounds for rent. This time around, she makes dinner for him as she wears a frilly apron that causes his imagination to go crazy. Some exercise after eating is great for the body! What better way to hold his fat, hard control stick than with her tight pussy? The ride will be bumpy so she has to hold it firmly all the way as they take off!