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DNA Hunter Episode 1


dna hunter 1


Five Ways

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Dna Hunter

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Release Date

September 17, 2001

Upload Date

March 24, 2018

Alternate Titles

DNA Hunter DNA Hunter DNAハンター Insémination artificielle Mai in geheimer Mission

After losing her fiancee, Youji, to a mountain climbing accident, Mai (Kylie Ireland) is determined to have his baby. With a determination of steel, she approaches his associates in genetic research for help. However, the cost for the project requires an enormous amount of money...

To finance the project, Mai takes a very unique job - a DNA Hunter. It's their job to obtain semen samples for women who desire children by particular men - in any way necessary! (Talk about a job!) But before Mai will be accepted into this elite group, she must first undergo a test: pick a random stranger and obtain his semen.

Can she do it? Will she be able to pass the test? Can she sleep with other men and become a DNA Hunter to keep her dream of having Youji's baby...?