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Choubatsu Yobikou Episode 2


choubatsu yobikou 2



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Release Date

May 06, 2004

Upload Date

July 28, 2019

Alternate Titles

Bondage 101 Choubatsu Yobikou Vanilla Series - Bondage 101 징벌예비교 懲罰予備校

An elite high school had another face hidden in the dark side. In return for sending sex slaves to the colleges, they receive a lot of money as contributions. Those who trained sex slaves were disposable teachers (trainers) who could keep the secrets. They hired talented men as temporary teachers to train. If they found a promising person, they made him take a test. The test was to lecture those who were defined as problem students. However, lecture is merely nominal, and actually it was training for sex slaves. If he achieved a good result, he would get a qualification of teacher (trainer).

Simazu had had an affair with his student, and was expelled from the school. Because he was branded as a harasser, no schools wanted to hire him. But only this school had hired him as a temporary teacher, and he had worked for six months. One day, the deputy school master called him and showed him an offer to become a trainer. Of course, he couldn't refuse it. He resolved his mind, and made the students his playthings.