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Bride of the Goblin


bride of the goblin



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Release Date

March 31, 2015

Upload Date

November 30, 2015

Alternate Titles

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Anna was deceived into a goblin wedding.
Last night she got a traditional pre-wedding facefuck.
Today, heavy with a bellyful of goblin spunk,
she begins the ceremony proper.

The same bastards who wrecked her throat
are in attendance, and she realizes with horror that
things are about to start all over again.
The orcs take turns between her virgin thighs, flooding her tight
hole until it pukes rancid spools of jizz.

Orc semen is an aphrodisiac that's especially
potent to humans. Will Anna make it to her
honeymoon as a sane woman, or is she already
too far gone with sexual psychosis?
What's clear is that the precious jewel of Anaholina
is as doomed as the kingdom she lost.