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Sexfriend Gakuen cover

Sexfriend Gakuen

Sexfriend Gakuen - セフレ学園

Original: "Sefure Gakuen" (Izminoal)

Kimoota's Okubo got the power to brainwash any woman.
A school that is dominated by Okubo.
Both teachers and students are manipulated according to his wishes, and obscene lessons develop.

■ Story
Kimoota Okubo at the bottom of the school caste.
Of course he was looked down on by the girls in his class.

The power he obtained ... Brainwashing power that anyone can instantly become a "sefure".

Brainwashing female students and female teachers who made him stupid one after another, and continue to fuck.
Having full control of the school, he sets the next goal ...

"Fut, next time I'll sprinkle all the women in the world into my saffle!"

Announced a hentai anime adaptation OF the cgi manga "Sexfriend Gakuen" by Izuminoal. Hentai will be released in April 2020. There is no detailed description yet. Below is a rough summary of the first Chapter: The main character Takeshi Okubo studied in a private "miracle Academy ""Shoedeikan Gakuen", which is famous throughout Japan for its excellent sports achievements. "Takeshi was able to use hypnosis to subdue all the girls in the ...


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