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Kohakuiro no Hunter cover

Kohakuiro no Hunter

Kohakuiro no Hunter The Animation - 琥珀色のハンター THE ANIMATION

Product introduction: Kohakuiro no Hunter The AnimationA completely original super-topic work in which "Takashi Nishikawa" and "Yoshihiro Katsura", powerful creators of the adult animation and adult comics worlds, have teamed up!
Adult PC game brand "Sky Rocket" decided to make a game!
Released at the same time as the anime!
A gun in your hand, hope in your heart-a girl who has lost everything stands up
A spectacular beautiful girl space hunt adventure between hunters and disasters (monsters) set in a remote planet!
Far away, the unexplored region of a planet floating in space, the depths of a jungle.
Those who dreamed of getting rich in "Nova Stone Ore", which has enormous energy, flooded the veins.
However, what was waiting for people in the settlement called Makyo, a remote area, was a disaster that was far beyond human intelligence.


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