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Himekishi Olivia cover

Himekishi Olivia

Himekishi Olivia - Princess Knight Olivia - Slave Princess Olivia - 姫騎士オリヴィア - Princess Knight Olivia - 공주기사 올리비아 조교

Product description
Content introduction
The fall of Lindegard capital!

Olivia Lindegard, the beautiful hero of the victory, exchanges for his dignity
He applied for a guarantee of the people's lives and quickly calmed down those who were confused and terrified.
She was a hero until the end.

"White Rose of Mitras"-
--Olivia, Princess Knight, surrendered that day.

Examination number: 0084383

Contents (from "Kinema Junposha" database)
The first volume animated from the Silkies Princess Knight Torture ADV. Olivia Lindegard, the beautiful hero of the win. She offers a guarantee of the lives of the people in exchange for her dignity. A noble princess knight is a sex processing meat urinal dedicated to you!


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